Underwater Systems

Port and underwater infrastructures

We design and build infrastructures for lake navigation, such as piers, docks and moorings. The cornerstone of our activity is to think and implement functional infrastructures, whose use and maintenance are integrated with their context and the environment surrounding them.

We can summarize our activities according to the following aspects:

  • Planning, obtaining permits for the construction of docking piers, buoys and moorings.
  • Renewal or concession of occupation of state-owned areas.
  • Hydraulic opinions.
  • Supply and installation of piers, buoys and moorings .
  • Dredging docks and underwater work in general.
  • Underpinning, underwater foundation systems and static consolidation in general.
  • Investigations and surveys with high definition (HD) underwater video inspections equipped with GPS (satellite geolocalizers).
  • Implementation and management of underwater technological systems such as heat pumps, submerged ducts, sewage collectors, etc.